Women in STEM degree programmes

Targeted promotion for greater female representation
Women in Biomedical Engineering
In order to counteract the existing gender-specific underrepresentation in STEM subjects, the ARTORG and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (CAIM) are planning to support two young female STEM graduates with a full-time scholarship for a two-year Master's programme. This structural problem is being tackled through targeted encouragement to pursue a career in a STEM subject. Greater female representation enables high-performance research in young and diverse teams. It also creates future role models for young women interested in science.
The ARTORG for Biomedical Engineering Research at the University of Bern is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence for medical engineering. ARTORG has a strong clinical and translational focus and covers the entire arc from the exploration of potential innovations to their clinical introduction. The CAIM is a research, teaching and translation platform for medical technology. CAIM explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence to improve patient care and facilitate the work of doctors and nurses.
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Women in Biomedical Engineering
"Education breaks barriers and these two scholarships will not only contribute closing the gender gap in STEM but will also support the creation of inspiring role models for girls and young women in STEM studies."
Dr Stavroula Mougiakakaou
ARTORG Center for
Biomedical Engineering Research 

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