Foundation Board

With commitment to innovative research
Together with you, we strengthen the university and Bern as a business and science location.
Mission statement
Members of the Board of Trustees at a meeting of the
Pascale Bruderer, Member of the Foundation Board


"The digital transformation touches all aspects of our lives - economically and socially. The interdisciplinary research at the University of Bern makes an important contribution here, which needs to be strengthened and communicated to the outside world in a way that adds value. I am pleased to support this bridge-building. "
Pascale Bruderer, entrepreneur and member of the Board of Directors
Prof. em. Dr. med. dent. Daniel Buser, Member of the Foundation Board


"For many years, I have been committed to ensuring that findings from basic medical research can improve patients' quality of life as quickly as possible. Promoting science-based innovation is the key to this."
Prof. em. Dr. med. dent. Daniel Buser
Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, Member of the Foundation Board


"At the research location Bern, environmentally and climate-friendly solutions for a sustainable future are being co-developed. It is important to me personally to be able to make a contribution to this."
Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, Chairman of the Board of Directors BEKB
Heinz Karrer, President of the Foundation Board


"Promoting young researchers is very close to my heart. The UniBE Foundation enables donors to specifically support a new generation of researchers at the University of Bern."
Dr. h. c. Heinz Karrer, Chairman Jungfraubahn Holding AG
Vice President
Prof. Dr Christian Leumann, Vice-President of the Foundation Council


"I am convinced that, thanks to the UniBE Foundation, the University of Bern will be able to intensify its activities in research and the promotion of young researchers, which will ultimately benefit the economy and society. I am pleased to be able to contribute to this."
Prof. Dr Christian Leumann, Rector University of Bern
Katharina Liebherr, Member of the Foundation Board


"In order to be able to master the challenges of the future, a close interlocking of scientific research and practice is essential. New concepts must be developed and new paths taken. The UniBE Foundation makes this possible and I am pleased to be able to contribute to this."
Katharina Liebherr, entrepreneur
Willy Michel, Member of the Foundation Board


"We still know far too little about many diseases. The medicine of the future needs targeted basic research and the development of innovative solutions in diagnosis and therapy. It is a matter close to my heart to commit myself to this."
Dr h. c. Willy Michel, Founder Ypsomed
Johann Schneider-Ammann, Member of the Foundation Board
J. N.


"Young researchers need a variety of creative spaces and financial support to be able to achieve top performance - I remain committed to this."
Dr. h. c. Johann Schneider-Ammann, former Federal Councillor
lic. iur. Jobst Wagner, Member of the Foundation Board


"As an alumnus of the University of Bern and as an entrepreneur, strengthening Bern as a location for science and business is an important personal concern for me. That's why I'm committed to the UniBE Foundation."
lic. iur. Jobst Wagner, entrepreneur